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Alzheimer’s Disease is on the rise in the United States.

Alzheimer’s Disease is on the rise in the United States. One in ten Americans over the age of 65 now suffers from this form of dementia. While it’s most common in older adults, early onset Alzheimer’s disease can affect people in their 50s—or even 40s. Until very...

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Regenerative Healing for Osteoarthritis

Joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluid (for joint lubrication) undergo a continuous but slow turnover and remodeling process. This is affected by many physiological factors such as diet, supplements, activity, stress, gut health, allergies, immune...

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Treating the Root Cause of Autoimmunity

A healthy immune system is critical for optimal wellness. However, with increasing environmental, economical, and dietary stressors put on our immune system, it is no surprise the prevalence of autoimmune disorders has tripled in the last fifty years making autoimmune...

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Benefits of Fasting

A little starvation can really do more for the average sick man than can the best medicine and the best doctors. -Mark Twain Intermittent or time restricting eating simply means periods of eating and periods of not eating. Fasting has been a natural part of human...

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Avoiding Toxins and Stopping Exposure

If you read my previous blog about detoxification you are aware of the daily exposure to thousands of chemicals through our air, food, and water. Sources of environmental exposures include pesticides, insect repellents, flame retardants, plasticizers, solvents,...

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Detoxification—Why It Is Important

We are exposed to thousands of chemicals on a daily basis through our air, food and water. Sources of these chemical exposures in our environment include pesticides, insect repellents, flame retardants, plasticizers, solvents, household cleaners and various industrial...

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