A2M - Advanced Therapies for Acute Injury and Osteoarthritis

Alpha 2 macroglobulin, or A2M is a concentrated protein injection therapy cultivated from your own plasma. A2M uses proven scientific techniques and natural healing methods to successfully treat in the early intervention of acute musculoskeletal injuries and osteoarthritis at its source by modulating cartilage-degrading enzymes to prevent cartilage breakdown. Once the signals for breakdown are inhibited, messengers and growth factors such as platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) are activatedpromoting tissue growth and supporting the overall restoration of the affected joint.

What science tells us about A2M for Arthritis

Scientific evidence points to A2M as the key to stopping osteoarthritis at the molecular level. A2M is a Broad Spectrum Multi-Purpose Protease Inhibitor (powerful chemical in destroying proteins that cause arthritis) that captures and inactivates the three major chemicals that lead to joint breakdown and cartilage damage. Alpha-2-macroglobulin’s ability to generally inhibit proteases both in chronic and neuropathic pains and inflammatory joint problems provide relief of symptoms while promoting the body’s innate ability to heal.


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