Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)

Perineural injection therapy specifically targets neuropathic pain and neurogenic inflammation meaning the nerve fiber itself is damaged, injured, or chronically inflamed. This type of pain often develops after an injury and is usually chronic, unrelenting, and diffuse in nature. The quality of pain is often aching, nagging, or burning with fluctuating severity.

The therapy involves superficial injections of dextrose along cutaneous nerve pathways.  Injections of dextrose correct glycopenia (decreased glucose/energy) restoring energy balance and raise pH creating a more neutral environment and restoring tissue physiology.

The dextrose also opens ion-gated channels to decrease nerve signaling, which calms down the inflammation around the nerve allowing time for the nerve to heal.  These injections are also used to treat conditions such as peripheral neuropathy.

Dextrose which is a form of glucose is extremely safe and widely used as an injectable and as an IV solution.  There is minimal risk of infection or adverse reaction with the subcutaneous injection and there have been no allergic reactions observed.

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I’ve seen every type of provider under the sun, and have only had minimal relief.  With a combination of adjustments, biocranial and perineural injection therapy I am now 100% pain free! She’s truly invested in the well being of her patients.

— Tamar B.