Seattle Exosome Treatment with Patient Pure X (PPX™)

Dr. Squires offers exosome treatment for decreasing cellular inflammation and promoting tissue healing through the use of Patient Pure X (PPX™).

PPX™ uses your own blood to create a Concentrated Autologous Exosome Product unique to you that contains the concentration of exosomes and proteins without the other cellular material that isn’t supportive of your treatment outcome.

This first-of-it’s-kind regenerative treatment therapy is now available through Dr. Squires.

What are Exosomes and How do They Work in the Body for Healing?

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) such as exosomes, are tiny particles released by cells that act like messengers, carrying important information between cells. Think of them as little packages that deliver instructions from one cell to another, helping cells coordinate and communicate. These packages can contain proteins, fats, and genetic material, which can influence how cells behave.

When a tissue is injured, exosomes from healthy cells and stem cells can send signals that help reduce inflammation, promote cell growth, and attract new cells to the injury site. They help in delivering proteins and signature microRNA.

For example, in wound healing, exosomes can carry growth factors that help new skin cells form and blood vessels grow, which are both essential for healing. In heart repair after a heart attack, they can help regenerate heart tissue and improve blood supply. Overall, exosomes are like natural healers, enhancing the body’s ability to repair itself by improving communication between cells and directing the healing process.

The Unique Formulation of PPX™, Derived and Concentrated from Your Own Blood

The signature exosomes isolated in PPX™ contain multiple types of specific microRNA markers, which target damaged cells and reduce inflammation while inducing regeneration at the cellular level, promoting long-term healing and repair.

The specific exosomes isolated in PPX™ contain many bioactive proteins and miRNA markers which are considered the mechanism of action that reduces inflammation and induces regeneration at the cellular level.

The exosomes isolated contain greater than 300 bioactive proteins and miRNA markers, creating a cascade of cellular reprogramming and tissue repair once the treatment is applied to the patient.

Carefully controlling the concentration of autologous exosomes makes for an effective Regenerative Therapy treatment for pain and healing, perfectly aligned with your own physiology. 

The Benefits of Using of PPX™ 

  • Natural & Organic Product
  • Cell-free, non-HCT/P therapeutic
  • Minimally invasive blood draw
  • Fast procedure with no downtime
  • Personalized use; from your own body

How the Exosome Treatment Happens

  1. The Patient’s blood is collected and sent overnight to the lab.
  2. The plasma fraction is separated, removing all cell types, and then concentrated into their own PPX™ solution.
  3. The PPX™ concentrate is tested for microbial and viral contamination before it is released and shipped back to my office for personalized use.
  4. You return for treatment with your PPX™ solution.

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I am a long-term mountain biker and had a few bad crashes over a twelve year period of time, which symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus gradually increased and then in the last year experienced daily headaches, brain fog, loss of energy, and anxiety…

After three weeks my daily headaches and pulsatile tinnitus have disappeared. Giving the injection time for the ligament to rebuild after a couple weeks, I felt a gradual decrease in my symptoms and increase in my energy. YES, I would recommend Dr. Squires.”

—John W.