Trigger Point Injection

Trigger points are tight, sore areas in muscle tissue that are caused by trauma or injury, strains/sprains, chronic overwork, and poor posture.

They can result in discomfort and pain, muscle spasm, decreased range of motion, and can aggravate tension headaches, vertebral disc issues, pull vertebrae out of alignment and leave you prone to further injury by encouraging you to favor another area of your body.

Trigger point injection therapy is a minimally invasive injection technique that uses homeopathic products and anesthetic to release areas of acute and chronic tension and pain.

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I’ve seen every type of provider under the sun, and have only had minimal relief.  With a combination of adjustments, biocranial and perineural injection therapy I am now 100% pain free! She’s truly invested in the well being of her patients.

— Tamar B.