Comprehensive prolotherapy utilizes various types of injections to induce an inflammatory reaction in order to mimic an injury and bring the body’s own immune cells and healing factors to repair and rebuild injured and degenerated soft tissue.

Prolotherapy stimulates an immune response that signals fibroblasts, growth factors, collagen-building precursors, and stem cells to an injured area. In turn, this helps with reinforcing connective tissue resulting in ligament/tendon thickening and stability.

This therapy is used for chronic myofascial pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, and ligament/tendon injuries. Prolotherapy is also a great treatment for hypermobile tendons and ligaments that have a tendency towards strains and sprains.

Ligamentous instability often results in areas feeling tighter or having increased pain in the area. Our muscles tighten in order to compensate for the instability. If healing does not occur as the injury or instability continue our body will try to stabilize by increasing calcium deposits leading to bone spurs or osteoarthritis.

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I was dealing with some severe cervical spine issues, including a slipped disc and ongoing muscular pain, and I did both prolotherapy and PRP with Dr. Squires. She was thoughtful, thorough. I am now about 4 months pain free thanks to Dr. Squires expert care!

— Ali F.